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Cruising is the best value for your money!

Why cruising is the best value for money

With the economic downturn over the last couple of years it is no surprise that people are sharpening their pencils when it comes to work out their holiday budget. Cruising has become particularly appealing in these tougher economic times.

A cruise holiday with its all inclusive costs is the best value for money among the various holiday options. In addition to the luxurious transportation from one destination to the other, the cost of cruise that you pay upfront includes:

  • Onboard accommodation for the number of nights they cruise
  • Sumptuous meals at main dining and casual dining
  • Use of ship facilities including Pools, Whirlpools, Jogging track, Fitness Centre and other sporting activities
  • Onboard entertainment including the evening theatrical shows, Musical shows, Comedy shows & Jugglers
  • Onboard activities and games including both indoor and outdoor games.

In addition there are the taxes and fees charged by the various government and port authorities at the ports where the ship calls. These typically cover the cost of docking and use of the port facilities. And the extras are the tips that you pay for the service of the room attendant and the dining staffs. The service charges are optional and some cruise lines automatically charge the guests.

There are some extra charges for shore excursions, beverages, spa treatments and other items of personal nature like laundry and these are not included in the cost that you pay upfront for cruises. Even with these extra charges a cruise ship vacation is still the best value for a traveler’s dollar – you are well fed – 24 hours a day with abundance of tasty foods; you are protected both onboard and while on shore excursions; you get the best service from the trained crew members; you are given plenty of choices at all levels of cruising and many more.

Cruising is the excellent vacation value for any vacationers! Cruising is very relaxing and adventurous which is necessary for an outstanding vacation value!

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