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There's not a single dull moment onboard!



Cruise Lines today are making waves in the world of cruising by amazing quality and quantity of entertainment. There are so many activities on offer everyday, that a day at sea can be at least as much fun and exhausting as a full day of sightseeing. From rock climbing wall to cooking classes, belly dancing to trivia contests, wine tasting to top-tier Broadway musicals, there is truly something for everyone.

Daytime Happenings

Take a dip in the pool, or just breath in the fresh ocean air reading your favorite book on your own balcony. Are you more up to going to the cinema? No problem! Some of the cruise lines even have a cinema on board, offering movies for adults as well as playing big kid favorites. You are serial shopper? Most cruise ships have a selection of shops on board, offering everything from perfumes to souvenirs, toys to the latest fashion of clothing. If your aim is more to venture into the different cuisines, with the selection of specialty restaurants, you will for sure find dishes that delight you. Cruise ships appeal to all type of guests by offering a wide range of programs and activities covering an array of interests. You can soak up the sun while being taken away by the rhythms of the drum band on the pool deck or participate in comedy shows, some cruise lines even have movie screens by the pool. With the newer and newer mega ships coming out, there is really no end to entertainment on board.

Daily Newsletter

Cruise Lines make it easy for you to follow all the happenings and scheduled activities on board by delivering a daily newsletter to your cabin every day for the next day, so you can plan ahead. This compass gives you all the information you need, from opening hours of different outlets to the timing of the daily theater shows, information on the upcoming ports to sunrise and sunset timings. If you signed up for kids’ club activities, your little one will get a daily newsletter about their happenings as well.

Fitness Center & Spa

Going on a cruise holiday doesn’t mean to stop your routine of exercise. There is a fully equipped fitness Center & Gym available on most of the ships, besides the jogging track up on the deck, providing you with an amazing backdrop to your activities. On newer ships, gyms are even multi-deck with floor to ceiling ocean views and state-of-the-art equipment. You just want to indulge in a massage? With those amazing spa facilities on board most of the ships, surely you will find what you are looking for. You feel like going for a new hair do? There is no better time!

Kids Activities

Many cruise ships offer Kids’ Club facilities on board with interesting and exciting age specific activities conducted by experienced counselors. Parents are welcome to sign up for these on board “camps” and let their little ones enjoy arts & crafts classes, scavenger hunts, contests, pajama parties and many more fun activities.

Evening Fun

In the evening, live music, comedy shows and top-tier theater productions are in the spot light. Lounges feature live bands and cabaret singers, soft music is in the air from the piano bars, while you are getting ready for the evening’s theater show. If karaoke or talent shows are your thing, they are also happening around this time of the day. Outdoor evening movie on the pool deck is also fun to participate in. And in the discos you can just dance the night away.