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More Destinations

Antarctica Cruises

The last untouched continent. It is truly awe-inspiring to visit this unspoiled splendor of nature, where snow-capped volcanoes, crystalline lakes, glaciers and fjords await you. You will see penguins who thrive in colonies that may consist of tens of thousands of birds. Spy humpback or killer whales or seals who love lazing on ice floes. On cruises sailing in Antarctica, usually expert expedition staff makes sure that you make the most out of your adventure also guest speakers offer a deeper insight into this boundless land.

Antarctica Cruises

The cruising season is between November and March with most of the itineraries being longer than 7-days.

Arctic Cruises

The Arctic is an unforgettable expedition cruise experience. From the territory of Ultima Thule, the mythical kingdom of the Vikings, to the North Pole, The Arctic has always attracted adventure seekers. The landscapes there are magnificent. Icebergs, seas of ice and volcanic reliefs stretch as far as the eye can see. Among them, king of the Arctic, the polar bear moves peacefully. Going on a cruise in the Arctic means letting yourself be transported into a world where man is the spectator of a sovereign nature.

Explore the top of the world and experience the stark beauty of the Arctic, where polar bears reign and blue ice floats serenely on the horizon.

Bermuda Cruises

Pink sandy beaches, nearly constant sunshine, divine ocean breeze and historic villages, just of the East Coast of the United States – Bermuda is waiting to be explored. If shopping is your thing, this is definitely a good place to be. A wide selection of high end shops line up on Hamilton’s charming cobbler-stone streets. If you playing golf the best way to relax, Bermuda has the best courses on offer, not to mention the multitude of dining options to please your taste.

Antarctica Cruises

Most of the itineraries to Bermuda are sailing out of Boston, New York, Cape Liberty and Baltimore on a 7-night cruise, including a few over nights at this small paradise. There are also repositioning cruises that call at this charming island on their way to Europe or back. The cruising season starts in April and ends in November with the busiest time between June and August.

South America & Galapagos Cruises

The Galapagos Islands are some of the most natural and inspirational lands anywhere on earth. They are an exotic haven of flora and fauna. Come up close and personal with rare species which is found nowhere else in the world, like the giant Galapagos tortoises, iguanas and sea turtles.

Most of the Galapagos itineraries are sailing out of Maltra, Galapagos on a variety of itineraries around this unique archipelago. The length of the itineraries range from 7 to 13 night. Galapagos is an all year-round cruise destination.

Hawaii Cruises

Aloha! The Hawaiian Islands are an icon of tropical luxury, where sun, sand and sea are much more beyond just simple words. They mean the way of life on these beautiful volcanic islands. Where palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze and blue waves rolling against golden sand with brave surfers conquering them provides the backdrop to your cruise holiday.

Hawaii Cruises

There is a wide variety of itineraries available, ranging from 7 to 60+ nights. Most of the itineraries sail out of Vancouver, various California ports and Honolulu. Itineraries out of Honolulu are usually 7-day round trips, going around the islands, giving you the perfect opportunity to explore this fantastic world, and they are available all year round.

Panama Canal Cruises

A Panama Canal cruise gives you the option to experience both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. While crossing through the Continental Divide, you can truly enjoy the amazing amenities of your cruise ship, while marveling at the combination of natural architecture and man-made waterways. Once in port, lush rainforests and breathtaking beaches are waiting to be explored.

Panama Canal Cruises

Itineraries sailing the Panama Canal mainly depart from Florida and end in California, or the other way round, with an average length of 15-17 nights. Round trips are available as well from Miami and take you on a 10-day cruise holiday. There are also longer itineraries available going up to Seattle and/or up to Boston. The cruise season is from October to April, but the best time to go is in November after the rainy season ends.

Cuba Cruises

Explore the opportunity to admire the beauty of Havana’s abundant colonial architecture, sample the delectable cuisine, and experience the personal warmth of the Cuban people and its vibrant culture in this island paradise where time has stood still.

Itineraries sailing Cuba mainly depart from Florida and Tampa, with an average length of 3-5 nights. The cruise season is from May to October, but the best time to go is during summer.

USA & Canada Cruises

Cosmopolitan cities rich in history and culture along with beaches, mountains, alpine forests and iconic landmarks await you on a North-America cruise. East Coast or West Coast, this land has something to amuse everyone. There are many ports in this region hence you can find a wide variety of itineraries sailing in this part of the world, from 3 to even 25-night or more in length.