What are the required documents for Cruise guests?

Like any other holiday, guests need to carry the necessary documents for cruising. All cruise guests must provide proper travel documentation while boarding the ship. The documentation requirements vary by the nationality and residence of each guest as well as the specific ports that the cruise visits.

It is the responsibility of the guests to determine carefully what documentation is required and acquire them before the cruise. Any guest who does not present the required documentation will not be allowed to board the ship and the cruise line will not issue a refund if the guests are denied boarding due to improper / insufficient documentation.

Following is a brief summary of the most common documentation requirements. Please note that these documentation requirements may be subject to change at any time. Therefore the cruise guests must check with the proper authorities for the latest requirements before every cruise.

* Passport: A valid passport is required for all international guests including children. It is highly recommended that the guests` passport expiration date is not within 6 months of the last date of sailing.

* Visas: Visas are required for most of the Middle Eastern nationals and residents. The guests need to secure the necessary visas for the country of embarkation as well as for each port of call. Please note that most of the cruises will require multiple entry visas as the ship sails in the international waters and re-enter the port at each port of call. As the visa requirement vary by nationality and the port that the cruise visits, the guests need to check with the respective authorities / embassies each time they cruise for the latest requirements.

* Cruise Ticket: The major cruise lines have electronic ticketing procedure. Once guests make the final payment, they will get the confirmation from the cruise line and an electronic ticket with complete details of their specific cruise. The guest can check-in online as this will save them from having to fill out forms at the pier. Once the guests complete their online check-in they get a Set Sail Pass which they need to carry with the other documents for boarding the ship.

* Family Legal Documents:

The name of the parents and the child must be linked through legal documents. If the last names of the parent and minor child traveling with them differ, the parent is required to present the child’s valid passport and visa (if required) together with a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate.

Adults who are not the parent or Legal Guardian of any minor child traveling with them are required to present the child’s valid passport and visa and the child’s certified birth certificate together with an original notarized letter signed by at least one of the child’s parents. The notarized letter from the child’s parent must authorize the traveling adult to take the child on the specific cruise, must authorize guardian to sign legal documentation/waivers for participation in any onboard activities requiring them and must authorize the traveling adult to supervise the child and permit any medical treatment that must be administered to the child.