Accommodation on a Cruise


Accommodation to suit every budget & taste

Cruise lines offer a variety of accommodation options to suit every budget and taste. From the simple Interior staterooms and Ocean View staterooms with portholes or windows to balcony or verandah staterooms and large spacious 1 and 2 bedroom suites, the variety is enormous. Some cruise ships also offer mini or junior suites. The suites are generally the highest grade of accommodation with separate bedroom, living area, dining area (in some category of suites), larger bathrooms, private balconies and many more.

Occupancy: You also have the option to choose single, double, triple or quad occupancy staterooms depending on your preference & budget. Some standard staterooms can sleep a third or fourth guest with the aid of a convertible sofa bed or a Pullman bed. Normally the third and fourth guest rate in a stateroom is cheaper than the first and second guest. Many cruise lines also offer connecting staterooms which are staterooms next to each other with an interior connecting door.
Guarantee: A guarantee stateroom means that a stateroom is guaranteed for you under the category that you book. However, you will not be assigned the exact cabin numbers at the time of booking. Though the guarantee stateroom prices are generally lower than the specific cabins under the same category, it is advisable not to take guarantee cabins if you are particular about the location and mainly if you are booking multiple cabins for the families.

Size: The size of staterooms and suites varies between cruise lines and their ships. Although a standard cruise ship stateroom is smaller than most hotel rooms, the biggest suites have square footage that exceeds many people’s homes.
Service: The service standards for all staterooms are mostly the same. However, just like hotels, some higher level suites can get access to additional facilities like butler services, in-room dining etc. Also some of the newest suites on the cruise ships have complimentary access to spa & exclusive lounges that are worthy of VIP status. But once you’ve left your stateroom and entered the public areas, you’ll find an array of choices and activities open to everyone. In general, the higher the category of cabin, the more deluxe the services and amenities are.

Location: In addition to the stateroom category choosing the best stateroom location is also important. When booking a cruise, you need to understand that choosing the suitable stateroom category and the location of your stateroom or suite contributes to the enjoyment of your cruise. Today’s modern cruise ships employ exceptional stability innovations and it is rare that you will encounter discomfort due to motion. If the motion sickness is a concern to you, make sure you book a cabin in the mid ship where you will feel less movement.

Special suites: The newest ships are incorporating new styles in their suites. For example, there are Spa suites in some cruise lines that offer convenient access to the onboard spa. And there are Loft Suites, ultra modern two-level suites, available in the world’s largest cruise ship. Another popular concept on cruise ships today is family suites. Families of 5 to 14 guests can share accommodations and large common areas including expansive balconies. There are a limited number of family cabins on any ship, requiring those interested to book early.

Choosing a stateroom is a personal decision and should be made based on what is important to you.

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